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Can you give me a ballpark figure on cost of kitchen, bath or general remodel?

It would be a dis-service to you to try and price any part of your project without actually sitting down with you to discuss your needs, wants, and budget. Prices vary greatly depending on the size of your space and what grade materials you would like to use.

Will my kitchen be completed on time and on budget?

We have been designing and building kitchens for over 50 years and have cultivated the experience to make sure that your kitchen is completed on time and on budget. This is accomplished through a combination of asking you the right questions, working efficiently, and having a reliable team.

How do you compare to Home Depot or Lowes?

There is a misconception that the big box stores can offer better pricing on kitchen cabinets than a specialized kitchen showroom. This simply isn’t true. When you are comparing similar quality products, most of the time we can match or beat the big box store’s pricing. If you are looking for the absolute cheapest cabinets and don’t care about quality or personalized service, then the box stores may by a good choice. We strive to offer our customers personalized services at reasonable prices, while still maintaining high-quality products that we are comfortable installing in your home.

Will there be a large mess?

While there is some mess generated with any remodeling project, we try very hard to keep your home clean. All cutting of materials is conducted in our installers’ trucks so that the dust is not in your home. We also tent off the space if there will be drywall work to keep the dust from entering other parts of your home. Our installers vacuum out the cabinets once they are installed so that any remaining dust or wood shavings are removed.

Who acts as the general contractor on your jobs? Will I have to arrange for all the sub-contractors?

We act as the general contractor on all of our projects unless otherwise instructed. We manage all of the sub-contractors and schedule them for when we need them. All of our subs have been working exclusively for us for years.  We are a one-stop shop, you will NOT have to find or manage any subcontractors at all.

Do I need to apply for permits?

Whether or not a permit needs to be pulled is dependent on the town in which the work is being conducted. In the event that a permit does need to be pulled, we would take care of obtaining the permit and passing inspection.

Do you sell appliances, flooring and counter tops as well?

We have a variety of counter tops and flooring samples at our showroom that you can choose from. With the wide variety of appliances that are offered today, we partner with local stores to provide you with an extensive selection of appliances depending on your budget and tastes.

How does the design process work?

We offer a free estimate for designs. This estimate includes the following:

  • One of our designers visiting your home or sitting down with you to review a set of plans
  • Listening to what you have in mind for your new space
  • Taking measurements of your room
  • Designing your new space
  • Providing you with an estimate of what the project will cost